SafeZone is a unique and powerful active RFID technology that is smart, easy to use and economical.

The miniature controllers can monitor multiple tags performing different operations.  The tags monitor each other’s status and can also work in arrays and create perimeters. Tags work with any environmental sensor (distance, motion, etc.) to monitor, track, locate, and control tagged devices and authorize access. The system provides real-time alerts locally–an alarm, for example–or over a distance via secure communication by text, computer or direct signal.

SafeZone is a secure, encrypted stand-alone system. It does not require electricity, internet access, GPS or cell towers. The secret to our robust security features is unhackable programming along with a patented battery conservation protocol.

US Patents 8,717,165, (2014) and 9,311,568 (2016)                             contact@safezone-rfid.com